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Millwork for Less Wood doors - Front entry, interior, exterior and garage

 Millworkforless Doors
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Millwork for Less
2006 Door Tour

Co-workers travel 850
miles on Triumph
taking photographs
of customer homes
who have purchased
doors online.

Read about the
2006 Door Tour

Door Tour

Co-workers spend 5 days
traveling 898 miles on
rented Harley Davidsons
taking photographs of
customer homes who have
purchased a new front
door over the years.

Read all about our
2005 Door Tour




Company Overview

Founded in 1999, Millworkforless.com was one of the first e-commerce sites to offer wood entry doors, interior doors, and wooden garage doors for sale online. We are based in Hummelstown, PA near Harrisburg and the world famous Hershey chocolate factory, but we ship our doors throughout the US and Canada.

We set out to be the best online door store offering home builders, architects, designers, and homeowners a choice between a value priced Builder Select imported door and a premium quality custom built Phirst & Lassing door made to order in the USA.

We are a privately owned and operated company that grew up in the building materials industry. With over 150 years combined experience, we have carefully aligned ourselves with companies that share our passion for a robust wood door product at a fair price.

Last time we took a look around, it was obvious there were about as many ways to hinge and hang a door in a frame as there are flavors of ice cream in the supermarket freezers. Many companies work in standard specs. They have set formulas for jamb sizes, hinge types, sill profiles and large tolerances for assembly. Their product is so standard, their shop cuts nothing they screw hinges to wood and call it a door. Companies try to go as fast as possible, to turn out as much product as quickly and cheaply as they can. They face enormous pressure on cost control and work to meet price points set by their clients. The approach described here likely describes 98% of the interior and exterior door suppliers in the North America.

Do not let our name fool you. Millworkforless does nothing the fast or cheap way. All our doors are solid wood. Only our engineered stiles are laminated onto a core to ensure our doors stay vertically straight. All our panels, cross rails, muntins and frame parts are solid lumber. Our frame systems are solid also. Many companies layer their jambs and veneer them. That looks fine, but subject to jobsite damage, they can be very hard to repair. When working with solid lumber parts, if a dent or chip occurs, repair is quite manageable. When working with veneered product, a clear repair is nearly impossible.

Because we build every door in house and to our customer specifications, size just really does not matter. If you needs are to an 1/8” of an inch, it does not cost us any more or any less to meet your requirement. Our saws move for free so why should we charge you more for “non-standard” sizing. Maybe our name, MIllworkforless, does fit as we do not financially punish our customers for ordering sizing they cannot find in the catalogs of other suppliers. Even the sales representatives you work with at other companies sometimes feel doors only come in prescribed sizes, frankly, they may actually believe that fact as their experience is limited in wood doors because they are also selling products ranging from framing lumber to sheetrock and roofing.

It is not fair to say we only know wood doors, but that is all we make and our only focus. If you can imagine your door and any feature it can provide for you, we can produce it. Not fast, not cheap, but really excellent quality and at price that an equivalent quality product cannot be purchased elsewhere, again, making our name MIllworkforless very fitting. We could say Fabulous Millworkforless, but imagine typing in that web address!
Todd Wilfong

Why Millworkforless?

Our door offerings are not available at the big box stores. Our
Builder Select doors come from long established door vendors like MAI and Krosswood. We have been to their facilities, inspected their doors and are confident these doors meet or exceed industry standards.

Unlike other online door sellers, we are not just a drop shipper who never sees the product before it is shipped to the customer. We are a door manufacturer specializing in custom built premium quality wood doors known as Phirst & Lassing.

Because we are a door manufacturer, we assemble and prepare all of our door offerings in-house. This level of service means you get a lower priced,
Builder Select door, hand checked for unacceptable defects and assembled with the same tolerances and hardware used on our Phirst & Lassing premium product line of doors. You can customize either of our door offerings, Builder Select or Phirst & Lassing, with options like solid, non-veneered jambs, premium weather strip, hardwood sills and commercial grade ball bearing hinges.

We take other online sellers drop ship door, for which they never see or touch, to a higher level offering unlimited customization options and especially our quality assurance.

We are wood door specialists!

Our sales staff is knowledgeable and familiar with all aspects of the door ordering process. We can answer any questions you may have about the doors we offer providing technical and design assistance. Send us a picture of your house and we can help you visualize it with a new entry door. We'll help you find the perfect solution, before, during and after the sale.

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Todd, President, founded Millworkforless Doors in 2001.  Todd never stops developing our abilities to meet the customer’s needs.  Millworkforless is a door manufacturing company and wholesaler that will attempt almost any element of challenge within reason of safe and responsible manufacturing.  He received a BA in Communications from VA TECH in 1980, is interested in restoring vintage Japanese motorcycles, and thinks there is no bad day that either begins or ends with a physical workout.  Todd maintains an extraordinary commitment to everything he sets out to do. 

Alan, General Manager, since 2006.  "Big Al", strives to create a fun place to work. He loves motorcycles, guns and microbrews.  He recently toured Germany with a motorcycle group logging hundreds of miles on the Autobahn at seriously high speeds. JoeOperations Manager, likes that every day is different.  He loves making a beautiful product out of a stack of wood. Outside of work Joe plays ice hockey and coaches his kids in soccer, basketball and track.

Mladen, Production Manager, joined our team in 2004. He loves working with wood, and spends his spare time touring the Pennsylvania countryside on his high performance motorcycle.

Monica, Website and Marketing Manager, has been with Millworkforless since its beginning in 2001.  Monica has a BA degree in Anthropology from PSU.  She enjoys riding and restoring vintage motorcycles, and playing tennis.

Cindy, Office Administrator, manages the expenses.  She enjoys playing tennis and coaching the high school tennis tennis team.  Cindy loves spending time with family.   Carly, Office Associate, handles shipping and order fulfillment. Carly is a very spunky girl who is full of life. THON is her favorite place to be every year with her Penn State Org, PSFA.  She loves to watch movies, hang out with friends, swim, and tie dye.

Kris, Shop Associate, works in the finishing department. He has a BFA with a concentration in sculpture.  Kris enjoys making the doors look all pretty after the other guys build them.  He loves painting and going to see live music, and recently took a road trip cross country.

Joel, Shop Associate and Finishing Supervisor, has been in cabinet making with his family since he was 9.  He spends his free time riding ATVs and fishing.
Go Dolphins!

Richard, or Duck, Customer Support Specialist, joined our team in 2005. He loves meeting customers and vendors. Duck was in the US Navy for 6 years. He spends his spare time building wood furniture, playing golf, and watching football.

Juan, Shop Associate, works in the framing department. He served 5 years in the US Army, is a mechanical engineer and enjoys fishing.


Ken, Shop Associate, has over 50 years experience working with wood as a cabinet maker. He enjoys model ship building, trains and gardening in his free time.

Dan, Shop Associate


Ella, Shop dog, was a rescue. She loves all the attention she receives at the office.  When she is not greeting customers, she loves to run at the dog park and take long naps.  She rides to work in a motorcycle sidecar with her caretaker and co-worker, Alan.

We work with small to medium size builders, developers and home owners and understand the importance of getting it right the first time.  Our passion for beautiful hardwood doors, windows and architectural accents is unsurpassed.  We do not over promise, but work hard to deliver the finest wood products at the lowest possible cost to you on time.   
We are American craftsmen.

  If you don’t see a design you like, we welcome creations from architects, builders
and homeowners. Your ideas are turned into drawings by our engineering            
department and built by our in-house craftsmen.
Watch a quick slideshow            

Call Toll Free: 1-866-645-8885 or
Submit an information request form online.
Make a sketch and FAX it to: 717-566-8705

*Our quotes are good for 30 days.
If your quote is older, please request updated pricing.

Customer comments:
"I just want you to know that your doors are outstanding, and I love them all!! Everyone who comes to see the house comments on the door first. They say it is the most beautiful front door they have ever seen!. I want to write a review for your website, so could you tell me what is the best way to go about it? Should I write to you, or any site in particular? Please also feel free to use my name for anyone who has questions or concerns. You guys are so kind and brilliant, and the whole process was terrific with you all. Thanks again for a spectacular job."
A.Rose, RBG Design-Build

"We received the door and are just delighted with it! Beautiful and great quality. Thank you so much for everything. We have and will continue to recommend you every chance we get." M. Penner




Visit our custom door gallery to see examples of our work.

Custom door quotes for home buildersOur quotes are good for 30 days.
If your quote is older, please request updated pricing.

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